It's Contagious!

A six word story about spreading the joy...starring sprinkled doughnuts.




Everyone Caught the Joy

The theme of this story is joy and how wonderful it is to spread joy, but it also in itself spreads joy. It is crafted with the intention of joyful emotional impact by bringing a smile and maybe a chuckle to the viewer.


The Story

The six-word story is about spreading the joy and how coming together with others creates happiness. This concept is depicted with anthropomorphic doughnuts using stop motion animation. The doughnuts move about and dance at an upbeat pace but in a relaxed manner, accompanied by cheerful music. The pink background and the brightly coloured sprinkles contribute to a lighthearted and joyful feeling.


Narrative Structure

Six words stories are short and concise while still being comprised of a beginning, middle and end.



Mood Board

Bright colours, sweet treats and cheerful items inspire the look and feel of the stop motion animation.




Stop motion animation requires extensive planning and preparation before the photoshoot starts. Detailed storyboards visualize the exact choreography of the doughnuts. This was essential for keeping the movements accurate and on track.




Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro