I’m Sarah, an old soul, designer, and former realtor.

As a recent graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design program at Sheridan College, I’m seeking employment opportunities to continue my journey into the challenges, messiness, and possibilities of design. Last summer, I participated in Bridgeable’s Designership as a Service Designer, conducting in-depth research and co-creating solutions to redesign the home care experience for older adults in Ontario, and have previous experience at Pivot Design Group.

I’m driven by a hunger for understanding and gifted with a genuine warmth that can put anyone at ease. With my background in real estate sales and service, I easily connect with people and love to lean into the uncomfortable. This is my secret weapon when it comes to collaborating within teams, and across clients and stakeholders.

Get to know me and you’ll quickly learn about my obsession with organization and functionality. I can often be found systematizing junk drawers, happily assembling IKEA furniture, or clearing my mind with some hot yoga.